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I'm diverse... I believe you should love anyone you want. Be who you want to be. Do what makes you Happy.... because no matter what you can't please everyone and NEVER forget He Will Always Love You.


ok so one morning i was rly frustrated and a lil stressed bc i was late opening and my boss gave me a task i didn’t really understand how to do properly so i was super stressed and a bit grumpy and so my coworker left me this note for the next morning bc he knew how stressed i was that day and he said he wanted that morning to be better than the day before

in short: let’s talk about how precious this guy is (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

That’s awesome

i know i’m not the only one

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when someone hot accidentally touches your butt and then apologizes for it


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These were the scenes that fuck me up when I was nine years old

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It has to be something we create and purchase for.  Art by women, design by women, architecture by women, books by women, comics by women, magazines by women, and writing and art that does not support bad old stereotypes.  And not just women of your own color.  Trans women, LBQ women, WoallCs.  Experiment.  Venture.  Try.

Don’t trash talk other women; talk them up.  Support women who have been victimized.  Don’t be part of the problem.  Disagree, yes, but with respect.  If other women behave badly, walk away.


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"You can do this, Brenna."

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